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Ticket Modification

I want to add additional user provided information to the ticket.
Location (could be time zone)
Company Name

So, I need to solicit this information when a ticket is entered and display it in the ticket when it is opened.

Please advise how to accomplish this.

Russell Cox


  • Just add additional fields to the default ticket form ;)

    Admin panel > manage > forms > ticket details
  • Thank you.
    I was able to add:
    -Shop Name; &
    -Time Zone
    to the user input.
    How do I make these fields visible on the Ticket itself?

    Russell Cox
  • Change the visibility to "Required for Agent and End Users".

    Then the fields must be filled out and you'll see them below the ticket header (User, Source, Department, etc.) in the ticket view ;)

    Just see the attached image - first name and last name are the custom added fields in the ticket ;)

  • I'm not sure that you need to have a custom timezone field btw.  Since if you have people register for accounts ... one of the questions is Time Zone.
  • I added these values in the Contact Information Form.
    The only values presented for Visibility are:
    -Required for EndUsers
    -Required for Agents
    -Internal, Optional
    -Internal, Required
    -For EndUsers Only

    Please advise
  • @Chefkeks said:
    Admin panel > manage > forms > ticket details

    What you did:
    Admin panel > manage > forms > contact information

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