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Dynamic dropdown list

Hello, I need to setup a ticket form based on 2 lists: the customer have to select a problem type and after that I would you like to offer it a list of problems descriptions linked (based) on the first choose.
In which way I can perform this ? I take a look on moods e customization issues on this site but i haven't found yet a solution.
I have Ubuntu 12.04 and osticket v1.9.5.1 just installed.

Thanks in advance!


  • As far as I know "depending fields" are not possible currently in osTicket.
    The only chance would be via two help topics and custom forms assigned to each of the help topics.
  • Thanks a lot !
    Could you suggest me a post where i can find some ideas about help topics?

  • I have no idea what you mean with your question. Ideas about help topics?  How about whatever you want to use.
  • I mean where in the forum I can find the way to setup a custom two box for help topics.
    Do I have to use the standard topics or are there custom script to use ?

  • You would go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Help Topics and set up your help topics.
    Then if you want a second or sub Help Topic you would create a custom form and add it to the Help Topic that you wish to have display it.
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