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Modificar formulario de creacion de tickets

Hola soy nuevo en Osticket y en el foro

Bien mi consulta es la siguiente:

Estoy usando la version de  osticket en español, me gustaria modificar el formulario de creación de tickets es decir quiero agregar un campo nuevo que me guarde un numero de empleado.

He logrado agregar el campo al formulario modificando el codigo del archivo pero me parece que tengo que  modificar otros archivos php ademas campo nuevo en la base de datos para que se guarde esa información ahi ya que cuando consulto el estatus del ticket no aparece el campo nuevo ni la informacion, ademas me gustaria que ese campo nuevo sea obligatorio llenarlo, que no pernita quedar vacio.

Espero haberme explicado muy bien.

gracias por su valiosa ayuda


  • Google Translate says:
    Hi I am new in osTicket and forum
    Well my question is this :
    I'm using the version of osTicket in Spanish , I would like to modify the 
    ticket creation form ie want to add a new field to save me a number of
    employee . I have managed to add the field to the form by modifying the code of file but I think I have to change other php files plus
    new field in the database so that information is stored there because
    when I check the status of ticket not the new field or the information
    appears , I also like that this new field required fill , pernita not
    be empty. I hope I explained well . thanks for your valuable help
    I'm not aware of a spanish version of osTicket. In fact there is only one official version of osTicket and its from There is an Espanol language pack that you can download for it. The current version is 1.9.6. If you got your version from some place else you should probably either reinstall or upgrade to current. Adding fields to the forms is trivial in the newer versions and can be done at Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details.
  • hi

    Thanks for responding so quickly.

    I mention the Spanish version of which I speak I found her by a user who translated.

    I decided to use this version because I have a hosting service, but installing the 1.9.6 version that you download from the official site tries to translate it to Spanish language pack did not work. You know that this package does not work on a cpanel hosting?

    I did a test and install it on a local server and if I run this package language.

    but the bad news is that I install it on my hosting with cpanel.

    thanks for your help
  • Whether or not a language pack will work on your host has just about 0 to do with CPanel.  Cpanel is a control panel that sits on a web sites to allow you to control things easier in a graphical ui environment instead of using command line / FTP/ SSH/etc.
  • edited March 2015
    I Understand

    ut the problem is that when I copy the file es_Es.phar  to the directory interface for the installation fails.

    I send you some pictures so you can see what happens.

    Before an d after copying the file 
  • And did you move your configuration file over?
    Did you import your database?
  • edited March 2015

    What I do is this:  I create my database on my Cpanel hosting, unzip the package of osTicket in directory, move the contents of the "upload" folder to the directory www.mydomain .com/soporte.

    Copy the file "es_ES.phar" in the directory, after doing that the site stops working.

    But anyway I think the more important question is if osTicket can be translated into Spanish completely because my users do not speak English and it would be difficult for them to use the system.


  • I do not see anywhere in what your doing that you are importing your old Database into the new site, nor moving the config file over.  You need to do that to move the site.
  • Sorry but I do not understand your answer.

    I'm not migrate any database, the database I created in my Cpanel is to work with osTicket.

    I think the language is a big barrier. anyway thanks for your help.

  • The error the installer is giving you says that you need to make the configuration file writable.
    Have you done that?
  • yes,

      I did and always gives the same error
  • You may want to review here what you did to make the configuration file writable.
  • I did a test and see that fails when I give user read permissions, but if I remove that permission system does not translate
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