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Schedule Cron in Shared hosting

i would like to schedule a cron to notify overdue tickets using the below pull request, howto enable http based cron in api ?

Notification of overdue tickets

Note: i'm using ixwebhosting service provider and i dont have console (ssh ) access to this shared hosting plan, but still i can able to schedule a job using control panel 


  • make an API key with the ip where the request will originate from.
    edit the rcron.php file in the /scripts folder of the distribution archive.
    Put the edited file on your server.
    Call that file.
  • which path i have to use in the cron ? please help me to run correctly

    URL Example shown as "api/task/cron" in the rcron.php file so

    i have edited the rcron.php file and update API key and URL as ""

    but cron.php file is in the api folder not in the "api/task/cron"
    i.e and there is no task folder under api ?

    do i need to call the rcron.php file (in scripts/rcron.php) ? or notify_overdue.php file in the cron

    /hsphere/shared/php54/bin/php /hsphere/local/home/a9/diman/api/notify_overdue.php

    /hsphere/shared/php54/bin/php /hsphere/local/home/a9/diman/scripts/rcron.php

  • That would depend entirely on where you put the rcron.php file.
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