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LDAP/AD: Automatic Registration of Clients/Users on Login

For setups that use an LDAP/AD backend, it would be helpful if clients/users were automatically registered in osTicket upon successful login as opposed to requiring them to be imported in manually before access to osTicket is possible.
In our use-case, anyone under the configured Search Base is allowed to access osTicket to the exclusion of all others (eg: guests). I would imagine there are others on here with the same use-case.


  • After some sifting through the code, I found my problem. client_registration has to be set to public for the auto-registration functionality to work but that opens up guest registration access. I also saw reference to an "auto" mode but it's not used except for the isClientRegistrationEnabled() check. To add more detail to this request:
    • Expose "auto" as Registration Method ('client_registration') in End User Authentication Settings in Admin Panel interface.
    • Replace isClientRegistrationEnabled() checks in the following files with a new check that excludes "auto" registration method mode.
      • account.php
      • include/client/
      • include/client/
      • include/client/
  • Just as a side note:

    We use LDAP auth in combination with the HTTP Passthru auth to achieve SSO - there it works like a charm to auto-register end users when the login the first time.
  • edited March 2015
    We do have SSO configured and working (except for Staff/Agents/SCP, we could never get that to work) but it only works for users who are already registered in osTicket (at least under private/closed mode). Also, most of our end-users will be accessing the osTicket from systems which are not configured for such authentication.
  • Made the changes myself based on 1.9.6.
    I've just uploaded the changed files to this reply, feel free to make your own diffs or do whatever.
    • include/staff/
      • Added "auto" to 'client_registration' options.
    • include/client/
      • Changed isClientRegistrationEnabled() check to getClientRegistrationMode() === 'public'
    • include/client/
      • Changed isClientRegistrationEnabled() check to getClientRegistrationMode() === 'public'
    • include/client/
      • Changed isClientRegistrationEnabled() check to getClientRegistrationMode() === 'public'
    • account.php
      • Changed isClientRegistrationEnabled() check to getClientRegistrationMode() === 'public'

    I haven't modified the help tip for access settings given I've been presumptuous already but the auto mode should work the same as private/closed except public/guest registration of accounts is disabled.

    I did try to test other use-cases but all I know is this currently works for us, use at your own risk etc. because this code has security implications for user registration. This is basically a small hack.

  • @staj thanks for this. This seems not working anymore in 1.9.12 -- can you help  on the modification for 1.9.12 ? Thanks in advance.
  • edited February 2016
    I'll try to do this within the next week or so, time permitting.

    Could I direct your attention to the following GitHub issues though? Sick of applying these hacks:
  • I made a LDAP plugin to deal with multiple domains and as an added bonus it creates users automatically but only works in 1.10 never tested in in 1.9 version.
  • Hi,
    For anyone still looking at this thread, please go to IIS, SSO and normal-login, no Public Registration with Automatic User Creation on Login instead for updates.
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