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Problem with getting %{ticket.variable} insert into mail template

Hello everyone.

I run the latest version 1.9.6 and yesterday came across massive problem.
I put custom field in Ticket Details for customers to choose branch they will contact, lets say Branch1, Branch2, Branch3.
I have created variable Branch.
I want to put this detail into confirmation e-mail, however %{ticket.Branch} doesn't do anything.
It's not displaying.
Because I tried with "Choices" field type, I give a try and created custom list and then instead of "Choices" I've put this newely created custom list.
I tried  using the same variable for form and list and I have tried separate variables.
None of them work.
ANy thoughts?


  • to go Admin panel -> Manage - > Lists - > Add a new Custom List.
    create your list, add your branch locations.
    go to Ticket Details.
    change the variable to "branch" (all lower case),
    change the type to your custom list.
    insert the variable %{ticket.branch} into the template.
  • That worked.
    Variable should be all lower case.
    Lesson learned.

    Thank you!
  • Very welcome.
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