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Drag and drop emails directly from outlook in ticket as attachment

Hi all,

I get an strange error when i try to drag and drop an e-mail from outlook directly as attachment tot any ticket. The error reports 'Error when uploading file, your browser is not supported'. The strangest thing is when i save the e-mail first and then attatch it to the ticket it works fine...

Working with osticket v1.9.5.

Thanks for help in advance.


  • I'm going to have to say that Outlook does weird thing when you try to drag and drop attachments from it.  You should save the attachment first and then add it to your ticket(s).
  • OK, thanks for your reply. Our users want to drag to the whole e-mail (.msg) to the ticket as attachment. Not only the attachment from the original mail. Is it something that will be fixt?
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