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Serious performance issues

I wonder if you could help.

I am not sure when the issue started, most likely when I upgraded osTicket to 1.9.4 a couple of months ago or a bit later.

I am experiencing big performance issue whenever I submit anything from the agent panel like upgrading a ticket description etc. It sometimes takes 30 seconds up to 2/3 minutes to save the form. My database is really small (600+ tickets). The server is not busy with other applications whatsoever -- when I look at the performance graph it shows disk activity next to nothing (0-3%). But when I try to save anything -- it goes really mad and quickly jumps up to 90-100% of the volume/iSCSI activity (see the attached picture) and the whole server becomes unusable... :(

I did a disk S.M.A.R.T test, mysqlcheck, defragmentation etc etc -- no help at all!
Recently I upgraded to 1.9.7 -- same issue.

My machine is Synology DiskStation DS214Play.

Please advise what else I can check/optimize. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    My guess would be because your running a NAS, a webserver, and a database server on a NAS device... but honestly Ihave no idea.  What version of PHP, MySQL, etc are you running? 
    Side question: whats if got for a processor and ram?

    I'll ping the devs to ask them to take a look at this thread to see if they have any ideas.
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