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Email Ticket Submissions Get ID of Old Tickets

Hey Folks:

We've been using OSTicket for a while with little to no issues.  However, a couple of updates ago (around the earlier 1.9.x) we started noticing that the numbering for email tickets was off and was causing old tickets to be reopened.  For example, or current new ticket number would be 900, however, an new email ticket would be put in and instead of opening a new ticket at 901, it attempt to re-open an older ticket.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the selection of the older ticket, senders are different, subjects are different, even content of the message differ.

We are on version and I'm going to attempt to update to version 1.9.7 right now.  I'll update the post to see if that fixes it, but anyones input would be greatly appreciated.



  • Update after the update to 1.9.7.  I've noticed for the past 3 versions that I've updated that after copying the files to the correct location on my webserver and then chown'ing them to the correct owner that when I log in to osTicket it says it's up to date without going through the upgrader.  Is it supposed to go through the upgrader every time?  Or only when there are SQL updates to apply.  

    Looking through the upload\include\upgrader\streams\core folder, according to the comments it looks like the most recent SQL file was for version 1.9.4.

    The SQL file that catches my eye is titled in the comments "Custom Ticket Numbers and Statuses" and has a signature of "03ff59bf35a58a102e9b32ad33c2839f".  This one seems to migrate the ticket numbering to a new method that allows custom numbers form a previous method that was random.  Could this not have applied properly back on 1.9.4?

  • You can check if the update of the custom numbering patch was applied successfully - take a look at the settings for the tickets at Admin panel > Settings > Tickets > Ticket numbering ... When there is a button to "manage" the upgrade was done successfully. Beside, not all osTicket versions need a database upgrade via SQL patches, so when the upgrader does NOT launch, you don't need to be worried ;)
    Check the Admin panel > dashboard > system information to make sure you're running the latest version. Beside 1.9.4 was the last version which required the osTicket (SQL) upgrader to take action.
  • Upgrade to the latest version - the issue was addressed in v1.6.
  • Thanks for the replies.

    @chefkeks, I've played with those numbers and through the Manage option for ticket numbering would do the trick, but it still creates a ticket for the new number and also for an old number.  Since the update to 1.9.7, I did find that it is no longer random, it's currently around 867.   If i create a new ticket, it will create a new ticket at 1001 (set under ticket numbering) and then any replies will then try to go to ticket number 877.  It seems it might be something with identifying the ticket in the email response perhaps?

    @peter,  I just updated from to 1.9.7.  I'm still seeing the issue.  Is there a specific SQL patch i should apply?

  • There is no need for a SQL patch when you're able to manage the ticket sequences.

    Do you have the ticket number in the subject of the email templates and/or any other number in the subject?

    Can you provide some screenshots how you configured the ticket numbering and from the tickets?
  • Also there were no database changes for the last few versions to current, so the upgrader wouldn't run as there is nothing to do.
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