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A rather different use for Osticket, what do you think?

I am working on a new project for a school, and we are going to use osticket to handle all teachers' "copies requests". Ok, this is how we are planning to use it:The school has a contract with a copy center, so we are going to create two teams in osticket, one for the people in the copy center, and the other for the administration of the school. Teachers will be required to submit  a request and attach the document in pdf format they want the school to make copies of. This ticket will go first to the administration department, which will check the request and authorize it, and then the ticket will be assigned to the copy center team, which will make the copies.
The process is rather simple and quick, and the only question I have is if I'll face any slowness issue due to the attached pdf files in all tickets. Would it be better to set up filesystem storage?
So what do you think of this in general?


Marvin M


  • Based on the number and size of the pdf files your database will grow fast, so depending on your server infrastructure running osTicket I think the storage plugin is maybe better instead of storing all pdf files in the database, but I guess that totally depends on the server / virtual machine / etc. running osTicket.

    We currently have around 200MB attachments in our database and have not experienced any issue, but we get 99% tickets without any attachment, so I guess 200MB is really not that much.

    So, I'd suggest to set up 2 instances of osTicket (1 with attchments in the database and 1 with the storage plugin) and test how they behave when you feed them with attchments regarding the performance and possible slow-ness issues.
  • So what I would do personally, and setup an admin account (okay so actually two).  Then I would have teachers be the "clients", and give staff login accounts to the copy center folks.  Then you can avoid the team setup for the teachers.

    As far as attachments go... I personally think that I would go the route of using the filesystem plugin unless you envision needing to move the entire setup to another server at some point in the near future.  This should (imo) lessen the performance impact on your database.
  • @ntozier. Yep, that's the way I was thinking. I thought of teams for the copy center guys so that they can see the same tickets, but I guess I can do that with a department better. 

    What would I have to face if I have to move this set up to another server and I using the filesytem plugin?

    Best Regards,

    Marvin M
  • Basically If you use the file system for storage of files, then you would need to copy your attachment folder to the new server and not just the database.
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