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Include Ticket Thread in NewMessage Alert

Afternoon, I'm looking to configure our NewMessage email alert to include the whole thread of a ticket. 

This is in part due to my boss wanting to see what's going on from start to finish of a ticket when a user replies to the ticket. Without actually logging into the OSTicket web UI itself. OSTicket is setup to be internal only at this site. 

Is this even possible? Just looking for some answers on this.

Thanks in advance for the time and consideration!


  • As far as I know this is NOT possible.

    You can get the first and the last message of a thread, but not the whole thread.
    Regarding the variables for emails, take a look at this great article at the site of @ntozier:
  • This is not currently a feature in osTicket. (You can get the current update and the original post)
    If your boss wants to be able to follow the full thread then he should either log into the system and read it.. or be added as a collaborator to all tickets  so that they get all the updates.
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