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Broadcast message to multiple users

Hi - does anyone know if there is a way to create a message in osTicket to selected users and have osTicket create individual tickets for that message?

On a regular basis I have to send urgent updates to a selection of clients, and I need feedback from each client to proceed. 
The initial message being sent is the same to all clients so I was wondering if there is a way to 'broadcast' a message and have osTicket to create individual tickets for each user?

I'm aware of the Collaborators option, but as they are different clients and due to privacy I can't use that option.




  • edited April 2015
    Unfortunately that is not a feature of osTicket currently.

    You'd need to modify the osTicket source code to achieve that or use an external solution...

  • Ok, thanks for letting me know Michael!
  • Very welcome :)
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