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Unable to search for IP address in ticket body or title

Our tickets contain a lot of IP addresses in the body of the ticket, which we'd like to be able to search as new tickets are created. However, when a search is performed with an IP address known to be in a ticket, no results are returned.

I suspect this is more of a limitation of MySQL fulltext searching, but was hoping someone here has found a workaround/solution for this...?


  • I can confirm on my 1.9.7 that I cannot search for IP addresses either.
  • I can not search by any information in the body or subject of the ticket.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • After a bit of digging, the search optimization is being silly, anything that is numeric (IP address, phone number) is assumed to be a ticket ID.

    After commenting out some lines in in the include/staff folder I got it to search just fine.

            $qs += array('query' => $searchTerm);
            $queryterm=db_real_escape($searchTerm,false); //escape the term quotes.
    //        if (is_numeric($searchTerm)) {
    //            $qwhere.=" AND ticket.`number` LIKE '$queryterm%'";
    //        } elseif (strpos($searchTerm,'@') && Validator::is_email($searchTerm)) {
                //pulling all tricks!
                # XXX: What about searching for email addresses in the body of
                #      the thread message
    //            $qwhere.=" AND email.address='$queryterm'";
    //        } else {//Deep search!
                //This sucks..mass scan! search anything that moves!

                $tickets = TicketsAjaxApi::_search(array('query'=>$queryterm));
                if (count($tickets)) {
                    $ticket_ids = implode(',',db_input($tickets));
                    $qwhere .= ' AND ticket.ticket_id IN ('.$ticket_ids.')';
                    $order_by = 'FIELD(ticket.ticket_id, '.$ticket_ids.')';
                    $order = ' ';
                    // No hits -- there should be an empty list of results
                    $qwhere .= ' AND false';
    //        }

    It's a bit dirty but works.
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