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Support for Exchange shared mailboxes

Hello Developers,

at our company we use Office365 and we have been investigation how to make shared mailboxes to work.
We have found out that Exchange server advertises protocols that in reality doesn't support, see for example here:

We managed to fix the issue by editing in v1.9.3 of include/class.mailfetch.php line 139 from




as suggested in the above link. After this modification imap access to the shared mailbox works with the usual syntax explained here.

I understand that this modification could have some side effects in other situations, but give the usefulness of shared mailboxes (in office 365 are free!!!) it would be nice if there was a options in the configuration page where this modification would be enabled.

Thanks anyways for this nice product

Best regards

Andrea Vaccaro


  • edited March 2016
    we have the same issue, but the solution does not work for us. I adjusted the mailfetch file to
    but the Issue remains.
    It works if I just use my user "" but the shared mailbox would be "\".  I guess the User is not correctly escaped, but the logs remain empty so I can't check those.
    The errors in the WebUi are
    Invalid login. Check IMAP settings
    IMAP Authentication cancelled

    Does anyone have an Idea of where the Problem could be? Thank you in advance,

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