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I was wondering if there is any way to configure Alerts when new tickets are opened to be sent to a group of people?  As of right now, I only have the department manager and the admin get these alerts.  I have a couple of helpdesk individuals who would need to get these alerts when new tickets are opened, however don't want everyone in the organization to get these alerts.  



  • A workaround would be to send the alert to a group email which would send the email to everyone in that group.
    This might vary from email platform to platform however,Exchange has such a feature 
  • Thats exactly what we do.
    The "department admin"'s email is set as a distribution list. (itteam@domain.tld).
    Alerts are set to notify the admin, so everyone in the department gets the emails.
  • Thank You!!! I ended up pointing the email to a distribution email address. Works great!! Thanks!
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