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Emailed Staff reply to ticket does not account for subject line fail safe

Take the following scenario:
I am a staff member - I want to reply to a ticket and know the number but I do not have a ticket thread handy.  So I just throw the ticket number into a new subject line and type my note.

Currently, in v1.9.7 - the fall back to subject line method does not account for the fact that it might be coming from a staff member - and so it will create a new ticket. It only checks if the sender is a user or a collaborator (which a staff member could be neither).

Posting original code for subject line below for reference - it seems to me this is a bug because when the message ID is include, it does check if the sender is a staff member.  

        // Search for ticket by the [#123456] in the subject line
        // This is the last resort -  emails must match to avoid message
        // injection by third-party.
        $subject = $mailinfo['subject'];
        $match = array();
        if ($subject
                && $mailinfo['email']
                // Required `#` followed by one or more of
                //      punctuation (-) then letters, numbers, and symbols
                // (Try not to match closing punctuation (`]`) in [#12345])
                && preg_match("/#((\p{P}*[^\p{C}\p{Z}\p{P}]+)+)/u", $subject, $match)
                //Lookup by ticket number
                && ($ticket = Ticket::lookupByNumber($match[1]))
                //Lookup the user using the email address
                && ($user = User::lookup(array('emails__address' => $mailinfo['email'])))) {
            //We have a valid ticket and user
            if ($ticket->getUserId() == $user->getId() //owner
                    ||  ($c = Collaborator::lookup( // check if collaborator
                            array('userId' => $user->getId(),
                                  'ticketId' => $ticket->getId())))) {

                $mailinfo['userId'] = $user->getId();
                return $ticket->getLastMessage();

        // Search for the message-id token in the body
        if (preg_match('`(?:data-mid="|Ref-Mid: )([^"\s]*)(?:$|")`',
                $mailinfo['message'], $match))
            if ($thread = ThreadEntry::lookupByRefMessageId($match[1],
                return $thread;

        return null;

Any ideas?


  • edited May 2015
    Fixed - but wont let me paste whole block - so here it is by section in class.thread.php
    Line 986: 
    && ($user = User::lookup(array('emails__address' => $mailinfo['email'])))) {
    && ($user = User::lookup(array('emails__address' => $mailinfo['email'])))
     && ($staff = Staff::getIdByEmail($mailinfo['email']))) {

    Line 989:
    $ticket->getUserId() == $user->getId() 
    !empty($staff) || $ticket->getUserId() == $user->getId()

    Line 993 (I didn't do a before, so will be around this line): 
    $mailinfo['userId'] = $user->getId(); 
    if (empty($staff))
    $mailinfo['userId'] = $user->getId();
    $mailinfo['staffId'] = $staff;

    Hope this helps somebody
  • Thanks for posting!
  • NP!  I found there is a bug in what I posted though...  A diff of the changes that need to be made can be found in the pull request thats currently out there - as far as I know, that version is bug free :)

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