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A couple of suggestions or is it just me?

I'm brand new to osTicket- it's something I'v been wanting to add for a long time but never got around to it after a failure or two with other support "helplines". this looks like the answer but ...
upon testing I don't seem to be getting an acknowledgement email once I submit a new ticket, both in hotmail and gmail. Is this usual?- I wouldn't think so otherwise how could any customer look up any ticket response he may have missed ... which leads me onto a positive ... I did receive an email after replying to the ticket although the first two landed in junk areas, whilst the third attempt landed in the hotmail inbox.:rolleyes:

OsTicket looks great
Michael J Ming


  • You may need to make sure those alerts/auto-responders are active. Alerts send to staff, and auto-responders will send back to the ticket submitter. Also.. is your email config working? test that first.
  • Email config?

    Sorry. I'm not familiar with any email config. Anyway aren't we more concerned with the customer's email where the acknowledgement is sent after the customer submits an enquiry?
    Also alert/auto responder- not quite sure what you mean there either. My autoresponder is Aweber but why do we need that in the equation?
    Any further clarification would be highly appreciated,thank you.:confused:

  • it is working , just configure it.


    !!! it isnt clear if your problem is only with the gmail/hotmail... or general mail setup... is there any mails sent by osTickets?

    BTW: i noticed that gmail throws much of my "Ticket Submition" notifications to the Spam....
    because it had a very similar pattern to many other emails... so i changed the temlates and it was good.

    regarding mail setup:
    i'll try sumerize what you need to do...

    a more detailed explenation is at :

    i am describing for 1.6,
    but the same apply to 1.7 with a minor difference

    1. you should configure emails from admin pannel > emails
    add your email addresses and make sure the settings are good.

    2. (recommended) specify an email for a department through Admin > Departments, select the department and specify the mail address it will use.

    NOTE: specify POP as well!
    Note 2: if you use gmail as your email, follow the instructions from the link.

    3. open a ticket from the WEB INTERFACE!!!

    if it sends you the notifications... Good, if not... fix the email settings.

    4. to configuring polling/piping (methods in which ostickets Checks to see if it has incomming requests by email) can be done following the manual i added in the link above.

    5. check by sending an email to the email address department.
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