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Can you layer upgrades/forks/mods on the same install without breaking it?


Long time lurker, first time poster... 

Can you layer mods/costomizations/versions on top of each other without breaking the software/comprimizing your install?

Specifically, I'd like to (in order from least to most important):
  1. Upgrade osT+ 1.4.2 (based on osTicket 1.9.2) to the new stable osTicket release (, so exciting!) ideally without losing my settings
  2. Add an equipment management mod (like this one
I'm wondering: by installing a mod from the get-go (osT+), have I changed osTicket too much to do the osTicket upgrades and/or equipment mod? (What can I safely do without losing all of my settings?) 

I picked osT+ for it's multiple-entry-forms-to-the-same-backend qualities, but if that means losing the ability to upgrade I may bail on osT+ and install the latest osTicket instead.

FYI I'm the front-end admin for our osTicket install (meaning, I know how to set up osTicket but not install it - know enough to get myself into trouble but not enough to dig myself out of it :), so any programming-type answer you may have I'll have to pass it on to my admin to translate.

Thanks for any help you can give, and for all y'all have done to make osTicket rock!
- Jenn


  • I have no idea if you can upgrade from osT+ 1.4.2 to osTicket, but I doubt it. You would want to check with the "author" of that software (osT+) to find out if they made any database structure changes, etc.  If they touched the database versions you also may have issues upgrading as our upgrader wouldn't know what version you are running and would not be able to upgrade.
  • /ntozier is correct and I guess there is not much more to say here, beside that I personally wouldn't recommend such an action like upgrading from a fork/mod/whatever back to the original osTicket.

    When it comes to a mod like the equipment mod it will maybe work with the upgrade and you would then need to re-apply the mod, but since you're using osT+ I doubt that this will have an good end...

    If you'd like to try this anyway apart from our recommendation, just make sure to backup the database and the directory on the webserver ;)

  • Thanks for your help! After much struggling with osT+ (it just stopped letting you open already existing tickets) we did a fresh install of osTicket 1.9.9. 

    I'm about to add the Equipment plugin, wish me luck! 
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