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"Age of Tickets" column in agent ticket view

I have been trying to implement a column that displays the age of the ticket in minutes, hours and days, with the colour changing at preset intervals. I have tried to follow this guide from @scottro , but it is for a much older version than mine (v1.9.8.1), so the php and references are outdated.

Has anyone had any success with something like this? Can you point me in the right direction?
I know that you guys plan on integrating custom columns in a future release, but I'd like to get something makeshift up in the mean time.

Thanks a bunch! 

Ps. osTicket is awesome!


  • Thanks, I'll take a look!

  • Hi,
    I am not trying to hijack a thread , merely making sure I am not referred to the above links, which have helped a lot,
    Osticket Version v1.9.6
    Version 5.5.54
    In "" I have made progress using  "strtotime" but I get an error with "effective_date" it is not returning the correct value.
    Basically  this is what I have done so far
    around line 250 I have added

    $sqldate = ('effective_date');                                    
    $newdate = date('Y-m-d',strtotime($sqldate));
    echo $newdate;

    $sqldate2 = ('today UTC');
    $newdate2 = date('Y-m-d',strtotime($sqldate2));
    echo $newdate2;

    $timeopen  = (strtotime($newdate))     ;
    $age_date  = (strtotime($newdate2))   ;

    Then around line 500 (this is dynamic as i have a lot of construction text at present )  I simply subtracted them.

    <td align="center" nowrap><?php echo ((($age_date) - ($timeopen ))/ 86400  ) ; ?></td>

    The idea works if American dates are input  as in example  " 2010-01-25 " and I get Ticket Age in days
    I suspect the problem may be in mpdf.php ( read somewhere to go look ) and I found this line

    $CreationDate = date('Y-m-d\TH:i:s').$offset;    // 2006-03-10T10:47:26-05:00 2006-06-19T09:05:17Z
    Can anybody help in moving this forward ?

    All help will be MOST graciously appreciated


  • You really should start your own thread rather than resurrecting a zombie one from 2015.

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