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Migration of the osticket to a new server and a new domain

Prompt how to transfer operating osticket to a new server with a new domain?


  • In a nutshell
    1. Back up DB.
    2. Back up Files.
    3. Create new host.
    4. Configure webserver to serve new site/host
    5. Restore DB
    6. Create DB user (same name and password)
    7. Restore files.
    8. Log in, go to Admin panel change Settings -> Helpdesk URL:
  • Moved the system on new hosting and changed the domain.

    Replaced in the way the plugin settings "Attachments on the filesistem"

    Change the permissions to the directory UPLOAD to 777 and to sub directories to 300

    Moved the directory .cache is old to a new hosting.

    System working as before, except for the problems with attachments in the ticket that have been created before the transfer. When you try to open the attachment, I get an error message: File not found

    The system log shows the following: IOException: Unable to read resource content

    Help restore access to old attachments!

  • HAve you migrated the attachments out of the database on the new server (or if you were running the Attachment::Filesystem plugin previously have you moved the attachments over to the new server?)
  • To store attachments I use the plugin. Files from old host to the new migrated completely. I've been doing this for backup hosting menu. Files are hosted, I understand that is not transported access settings. Uloads folder rights conferred 777 and 300 subfolders, but to no avail. Assigned to the newly created 30undefined and old I can only put 300.
  • i moved the database with the mysql workbench

    i have no problems after the migration
  • I use plugin "Attachments on the filesistem" and my sql base does not contain attachments
  • Then it sounds like the ownership/permissions issue to me on the files (presumming that you moved them from the old server to the new server.)
  • could you be more specific in this points please? how to do it
    1. Configure webserver to serve new site/host
    2. Restore DB
    3. Create DB user (same name and password)
    4. Restore files.
    5. Log in, go to Admin panel change Settings -> Helpdesk URL:
  • @moyersson the answer depends on your OS (operating system) to <-> from.  You might be better suited to google "how to migrate a server from OS to OS".  Also please don't hijack someone else's thread please start your own if you have questions.
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