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Email (only from a particular mail ID) not converting to ticket


We have 2 instances of OsTicket environment. Sometimes tickets needs to be assigned from one instance to the other instance. After assigning ticket an auto generated alert mail is sent to a mail id of the 2nd instance of OsTicket however tickets are not getting created.

For example -

1) OsTicket instance 1 receives a ticket #123

2) Ticket #123 in Instance 1 is assigned to a department named ABC with email

3) An alert mail (from osTicket Alerts <>) is sent to email which is configured in instance 2 of OsTicket to create a ticket. However tickets are not getting created.

Mails sent from any other mail ID is working fine. I checked and found nothing in filters/banned emails for this particular email.

Can anybody suggest what can be the issue? 

System specs -

·         Virtual server

·         Windows server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition SP2

·         Intel Xeon 2 CPU @ 2.20 GHz

·         7.00 GB of RAM

·         DB and Apache on same server

·         MySQL version - 5.6.11

·         Web server - Apache/2.2.22 (Win32) PHP/5.3.28

·         OsTicket version -


Thanks in advance for your help!




  • If the email on the account is abc@ and you send an email from alerts@ to abc@ wouldn't this result in a endless loop?  New emails would generate another email being send from alerts@ to abc@.

    My guess is that the systems built in endless loop protection is squashing the email that would generate the endless loop.
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