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"Resolved" vs. "Closed"

edited May 2015 in General Discussions
Just curious...  What is the difference between the "Resolved" and "Closed" ticket statuses?
Normally, I would think the following, but I wanted to be sure before utilizing them:
  • Resolved – The issue has been acknowledged, corrected, and no further action is needed or required.
  • Closed – The issue was not corrected, or no corrective action was needed.
Thanks, in advance.


  • We here use Closed as everything is done, there is no reason for the ticket to remain open.

    Resolved means that the issue has been "resolved" but we're keeping the ticket open (aka resolved) awaiting response from the client, continuing to monitor the situation, etc.  Needless to say we do not use resolved much.
  • Well... I was also thinking along those lines.  But even if you mark the ticket as "Resolved", osTicket tracks it as a "Closed" ticket in both the Dashboard and Tickets tabs.

    I guess, as long as there isn't any functionality differences between the two statuses, each entity can use them as they see fit.
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