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Add a 2nd email to the entire ticket (all responses)

Hello all,
I am looking for a mod to be able to add a secondary email (or CC) to the actual ticket upon creating the ticket (as staff or client).
So far, all I have been able to find are mods that allow you to manually enter extra emails within a response.

I am looking to avoid manual entry on every response, and just have it pull from the database for example.
I have a strong understanding of PHP and MySQL, so I have no problems editing the code (I actual have custom ITIL functionality that I built into our version).

Has anyone come across something like this? Or know where I would make the changes?
Let me know if you need more info


  • I think that you can do that with out any mods.  Go to Agent panel -> Users -> Organizations -> Automated Collaboration. :)
  • This seems like something that would be on a newer version of OSTicket correct? Possibly 1.9x?
    If yes, I will need to find a way to upgrade to this version with all the changes I have made.
  • I believe that it was introduced mid to late 1.8.x
  • ok thanks, I will install this one side by side for now and see what I need to do.
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