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How to add Priority Levels

Hey. I am looking to add some new priority levels to our osticket installation (on hold, waiting for client, etc). I found this article, but we arent using the same type of MySQL. Our office uses Microsoft MySQL and I cant seem to find that variable to edit. Would someone be able to help?



  • First some general question: Are you sure you're speaking of priorities? For me it sounds like you want to add statuses and not priorities. Therefore take a look here: Admin Panel > Manage > Lists > Ticket Statuses > Items > Add new statuses there

    If you really want to add priorities, you need to change the MySQL database table ost_ticket_priority as described in the article you found.
  • edited May 2015
    Is it possible to sort the open tickets by status instead of just priority? I know you can do this via the advanced search function but we want it to be a one click solution.
  • by status?

    Yes.  Click the Open or Closed queue at the top of the Agent panel -> Tickets.
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