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[Feature Request]Activity Tracker

Found no suggestion for this.
It would be of great help to have a section where you could view some kind of "history" of everything that is happening in osTicket.
Something like this:

* 28/5 9:29 - User Jon Snow created ticket #16787
* 28/5 9:22 - Agent Aria Stark added a new response to ticket #18744
* 28/5 9:17 - Agent Daenerys Targaryen changed status of ticket #18744 to Standby

And you could click the user or the ticket number and be redirected to it.


  • This exist in each ticket individually already. But I guess there is no massive log or audit ability to check all activity for the day or week or something. I suppose this would be useful if you weren't sure what was changed and wanted to go and see and run an audit
  • When you're running a department, and want to check what the team is doing this is very useful.
  • Agreed. This is one of the minor flaws on Ostickets and it is the reporting abilities...

  • I appreciate the use of GoT character names.
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