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[resolved] Moving data from V1.8.1.2 to V1.9.6

I have two instances of OS Ticket - the latest being a blank install on a new VPS.

Which is the best way to get my data from my to the 1.9.6 instance.



  • You can't really do that.
    You would back up the existing databases.
    You would restore the database back up to the database for the second install.
    You would run the upgrader.
  • Yes I tried that but the upgrader failed.
    on the database the tables are prefixed ost_  on the 1.9.6 database the tables have no prefix.
    I tried removing the prefix before running the import - is that wrong?

  • No it's not wrong, but since the database structure changed since there is no way to do this without running the upgrader as ntozier mentioned.

    So my suggestion is that you follow the steps given by ntozier. Additionally I'd try to not go straight from to 1.9.x. and instead try it with some steps between like to 1.8.8 to 1.9.2 to or so. (note: picked the version numbers at random for my suggestion). When then errors occur let us know the errors so we can help you troubleshooting to get thru the upgrade.
  • Thanks guys for your help - I've managed to sort it..
    I imported my backup to 1.9.6 dropping any existing tables - additionally I manually dropped the new tables(content,email_account,note,organization,sequence,ticket_status,user_account and _search) and the upgrade completed ok. So the upgrader does not cater for those tables existing..
  • Great! I close this discussion and mark it as resolved. Feel free to open another thread for a new topic.

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