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[resolved] Long thread tickets with slow page load time

Hello guys,

I'm having problems with long thread tickets (>100 messages). I have only two of them and both won't load in less than 2-3 minutes at the agent's side.
During this loading, mysql takes both cores up to 100% and everything slows down. I have only about 1700 tickets.

In the slow queries log I always have the same query:

SET timestamp=1433416642;
SELECT ticket.ticket_id as id  ,count(DISTINCT attach.attach_id) as attachments  ,count(DISTINCT as messages  ,count(DISTINCT as responses  ,count(DISTINCT as notes  FROM sup_ticket ticket  LEFT JOIN sup_ticket_attachment attach ON (ticket.ticket_id=attach.ticket_id)  LEFT JOIN sup_ticket_thread message ON (ticket.ticket_id=message.ticket_id AND message.thread_type = 'M')  LEFT JOIN sup_ticket_thread response ON (ticket.ticket_id=response.ticket_id AND response.thread_type = 'R')  LEFT JOIN sup_ticket_thread note ON ( ticket.ticket_id=note.ticket_id AND note.thread_type = 'N')  WHERE ticket.ticket_id=592 GROUP BY ticket.ticket_id;
# Time: 150604  7:17:23
# User@Host: company_support[company_support] @ localhost []
# Thread_id: 731  Schema: company_support  Last_errno: 0  Killed: 0
# Query_time: 100.846179  Lock_time: 0.000174  Rows_sent: 1  Rows_examined: 55805113  Rows_affected: 0  Rows_read: 55805113
# Bytes_sent: 249

I tried moving from DB to files for attachments. I tried re-creating all databases and cleaning the ibdata files. Nothing helps.

OsTicket version is (stable). I started experiencing this issue on the previous 1.9.8 version.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this. Thank you.


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