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Integration with existing information and processes.

Hi osTicket community,

I am interning at a company and my main task is to install a osTicket as their new ticketing system (they have one in place atm that's attached to their CRM). So I have been spending the last 3+ days configuring and setting up. I must say I have used this forum for a lot of roadblocks I encountered.

My last few days were spent configuring the mail services as I was getting IMAP authentication errors, still am but at least incoming and outgoing mails work. I still need to set up cron so that I can receive updates without anyone being logged in.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions  on how to integrate equipment/apparatus with tickets and clients. Since this is an ISP, each client/organization has routers, switches, phones, cables. If individual item tracking is not possible (CMDB), maybe a table can be made of items and their id's can be attached to customer.

Setup info: osTicket files as well as the webserver(apache 2.4.10), db (mysql 10.0.16), mail server, php(5.6.7-1), etc is all located on a linux(debian) server which I have shell access too. I can access the osTicket files via FTP. I was also given a copy of the current ticketing system's database to do some analysis and integration. 

Thanks in advanced for any input and advice,


  • I think that this is a great question, but not one that's particularly easy to answer.

    So if it were me... I think that I would either

    A. create some special forms for equipment, and write a script that nightly pulls the data from the first products DB and injects it into the client info in osTicket.  Then when a ticket gets opened the data is already present.


    B. create a special ticket open script (using the ticket api) so that I can look up the equipment/apparatus in the other system DB, and import it directly into the ticket using custom fields. [note: this of course wouldn't work for emailed tickets]

    If I think of anything else I'll repost.
  • We have been in nearly the same situation when we evaluated osTicket back in the days...

    Our old (lousy but self made) ticket system had a integration to our asset management system and when we then started looking around and testing osTicket we also knew that we'd need to find a way to add some kind of relationship / mapping between the ticket system and our asset management system.

    We then decided to write a script on our own to sync (once every night) the items assigned to a user from our IT asset management to osTicket. The result can be found here:

    Don't get annoyed, the script is mainly to sync data/info from LDAP to osTicket, but also has a little section to sync the data from our IT asset management to osTicket. The asset management software is btw. called ITDB and but I think that you could basically get any data via such a script from nearly any asset management / CMDB into osTicket attached to the agents/users.
  • Thanks for the feedback. The crm they are using integrates with everything: Assets, contracts, customers, employees, SLA's, and more. It's not a requirement to integrate all of those mentioned but for starters the equipment would help categorize tickets easier. 

    If I get the equipment db integrated, the rest will fall through I know it. 
  •  @chefkeks i want to test this .how do i set this up. 
  • edited July 2015
    Definitely should write a better how to guide for my add-on :D

    Ok, but before you do anything, please set up a test instance of osTicket to test this out since it modifies the database directly! And don't forget to make a backup when you let this on your live system. We let the script run once a night AFTER we backed up the database... Just in case and even though it's our own script ;)

    Basically copy the files onto your web server, open the config_UI.php page in the browser, fill in your database info and so on, save the config and finally sync the data by hitting the button at the end of the page.
    Unfortunately discovered recently a bug with the link creation (we use this for our ITDB asset management too), so will try to update/fix that and include a better readme on the repo.
    Once set up and working, you can let things run via cron job / scheduled task.

    Let me known if it's working for you and when you've some questions don't hesitate to ask me.

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