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Multiple emails for users (clients)

How to set for one user multiple emails(main email and it's aliases)? 
Can I add them separated by a semicolon?

osTicket v1.9.8.1



  • This is currently not possible in osTicket. So I see 2 options currently: You can either modify the source code (and database) to achieve this or suggest it as feature in the suggestion and feedback section.
  • I really shouldn't say this.... but

    You do not have to modify the source.  You can edit the email table and add a email with the same user ID.  It's not exactly documented because the devs haven't updated the UI to accept many (email) to one (user) yet.
  • So, this feature is in some way in progress to implement in osticket? Devs plans to add this in some next release?
  • yes its planned as forth coming.
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