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Lastest version of variables and contexts

Hi, does anyone know of an up to date list of variables and the contexts they can be used in?

I have been reading here

But the contexts for some variables are not clear, for example where can ticket.thread be used?  Also, using  %{ticket.thread.lastmessage} is not the last message in the thread but the last message from the end user, if an agent has replied it will not work.

Am I missing something?   Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks very very much!



  • That's the only list, and the most up to date list that I know of (but then its also my list).

    Good news though, when 1.10 is released my list wont be needed anymore.  It has type-ahead variables in templates.  Talk about a sweet feature!  Sadly I don't know when its going Stable... so for now the ebst you can do is use my bad list and do some empirical testing.
  • Terrific! Thanks very much!
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