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importing table data from existing organizations table to ost_organization


I can insert organizations into the database and they appear on osticket so I'm happy I don't have to manually add organizations. My question is:

In the db, the organization table has 8 fields (id, name, manager, status, domain, extra, created(date), updated(date)). BUT when going to edit an organization there are many more fields like: address, phone, city, website, administrative contact person, account manager, etc. I have all this info but I'm curious if it's possible to add them by inserting into DB as well. In other words, where is all this extra form info about the organization stored.

I found the field names and their descriptions, hints, etc in the table ost_form_field but not the actual data. Is there a reason for some of the organization data being stored in ost_organization and the rest of it being stored in other tables.

I'm just exploring here :) 


  • Yes, since the tables contain a lot of information that are used at several places in the UI the data is split up into several tables.

    For example a custom form can be attached to a ticket, a user or an organization. To save the form only once in the database the data (the form itself and the data entered in the form) is then split up into a lot of tables.

    Hope that explains it and regarding the data of the organization (phone, website, etc), take a look at the tables ost_form_entry and ost_form_entry_values ;)
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