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Viewing the ticket system outside of our network

I am desktop support for a large call center and implemented this ticket system in our environment. It works great and we love it but I am having trouble viewing this outside of our network. I know enough to get myself into trouble but not enough to get out of it so I didnt want to mess around too much before asking here because the support here has helped me in the past. 


  • From my point of view this is not a osTicket problem rather then a problem of your network configuration. osTicket can be basically accessed from anywhere where you like to access it - but therefore the network config needs to fit. Since I and no one else here at the forum can help you with the network config in your company I suggest to get in contact with the network / system administrator ;)
  • @chefkeks is correct.

    The basic version is that you need to make a DNS resolvable host (or domain) name that points to your server.  The only ones who would be able to do this would be the folks that administer your network/systems and/or routers. Generally speaking your host/domain name would need to point the the IP address of your server which means a real world IP address (although your firewall/router can point the real world IP to an internal one via NAT).  This means setting up an IP address in your DNS server (or your web host's DNS for your domain/host).  
  • Ok that's what I figured just wanted to make sure I didn't need to configure anything in particular in osTicket. Thanks guys!
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