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[resolved] Second logo to print ticket

Hi all!
I try to add second logo when i print ticket, but i didn't see logo.
Where i'm need to modify class.pdf.php file or how can i do this?
THnx 4 help.


  • I think you need to alter the following code in include/class.pdf.php around line 55:

    if (!function_exists('imagecreatefromstring')
                    || (!($logo = $ost->getConfig()->getClientLogo()))) {
                return INCLUDE_DIR.'fpdf/print-logo.png';

    My suggestion is to remove / comment out the if clause and just use return INCLUDE_DIR.'fpdf/print-logo.png'; to get just the image from include/fpdf/print-logo.png.

    As final step you'd need to point to an alternative file that you copy to include/fpdf/ e.g. company-logo.png which would then be look like this finally:
    // if (!function_exists('imagecreatefromstring')
    //                || (!($logo = $ost->getConfig()->getClientLogo()))) {
    //            return INCLUDE_DIR.'fpdf/print-logo.png';
    // }
    return INCLUDE_DIR.'fpdf/company-logo.png';

    Since I have not tested it, please make sure to make a backup first and just give it a try.

  • @Chefkeks, thnx!
    I'll try do that, but the second logo (company-logo.png)  not visible. =(

  • edited June 2015
    @Chefkeks, im do it =))))

    I'm add code after line 69:
    function getLogoFile2() {
    global $ost;

    if (!function_exists('imagecreatefromstring')
    || (!($logo = $ost->getConfig()->getClientLogo()))) {
    return INCLUDE_DIR.'fpdf/print-logo2.png';


    $tmp = tempnam(sys_get_temp_dir(), 'pdf') . '.jpg';
    $img = imagecreatefromstring($logo->getData());
    // Handle transparent images with white background
    $img2 = imagecreatetruecolor(imagesx($img), imagesy($img));
    $white = imagecolorallocate($img2, 255, 255, 255);
    imagefill($img2, 0, 0, $white);
    imagecopy($img2, $img, 0, 0, 0, 0, imagesx($img), imagesy($img));
    imagejpeg($img2, $tmp);
    return $tmp;


    Then Im add code after line 79:
    $logo = $this->getLogoFile2();//2nd logo
    $this->Image($logo, $this->lMargin, $this->tMargin, 0, 20, $this->RMargin, 10);
    if (strpos($logo, INCLUDE_DIR) === false)

    Then I saw my 2nd logo as i Wanted =)
  • @chefkeks ty) close topick
  • Very welcome.
    Closing and marking as resolved.
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