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ticket status (Name) vrs State in ost_ticket_status table

HI, I am looking at the Ticket_Status table and see there are columns called NAME and STATE
It seems there are 4 possible STATEs open, closed, archived and deleted

how are these used? 
Am I right in guessing that if the STATE is anything other than "open" then no calculation is done as to whether the ticket is overdue etc.

so if a ticket status name is resolved which has a state of "closed" in the table then it can never be overdue.
but if a ticker status name is  "with vendow" and has a state of "open" then it can get flagged a overdue.

Also what is the "mode" column in the ticket_status table.


Johnny B


  • There are 4 states.  You listed them already.  All tickets are in one of these states.

    Status is an extension of the definition to further define or provide information regarding the state.

    You cannot really user archiuved or deleted at this time.
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