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File migration error on 1.9.9

Just caught the error below and now php manage.php file migrate --backend D --to F won't run (PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function logError() on a non-object in /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.error.php on line 33). Did the cron job collide with autocron? Any ideeas how to fix this / verify database?

Jun 30 09:15:04 sme httpd: PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'Exception' in /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.orm.php:224 Stack trace: #0 /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.sequence.php(165): VerySimpleModel->save() #1 /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.sequence.php(50): Sequence->__next(6) #2 /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.config.php(648): Sequence->next('######', Array) #3 /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.topic.php(207): OsticketConfig->getNewTicketNumber() #4 /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.ticket.php(2754): Topic->getNewTicketNumber() #5 /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.mailfetch.php(762): Ticket::create(Array, Array, 'Email') #6 /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.mailfetch.php(810): MailFetcher->createTicket(2) #7 /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.mailfetch.php(890): MailFetcher->fetchEmails() #8 /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.cron.php(25): MailFetcher::run() #9 /opt/osticket/upload/scp/autocron.php(64): Cron::MailFetcher() #10 {main}   thrown in /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.o


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    Actually since 1.9.9 only short format is accepted: php manage.php file migrate -b D -m F
    This still gives me the same error since the above described cron/autocron collision:
    PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function logError() on a non-object in /opt/osticket/upload/include/class.error.php on line 33 
    I guess something fails during DB search/lookup  in cli/file.php
    What still works for me and migrates files is specifying ticket id:
    php manage.php file migrate -T xxxx -m F
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    and the error somehow went away, migrating works now, thread can be closed
  • I'm having the same problem in 1.9.14. Any ideas?
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