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System can not re-create a ticket when user reply

Hi Support,

Most time, when IT close or reply a ticket, user will reply email directory, then system will re-create a ticket to IT.

How can I setup when user reply email, but system can not re-create a ticket?



  • System can not re-create a ticket when user reply Reply to Thread

    I've read a few postings elsewhere, but I can't seem to get to the bottom of this, so here it is:
    If I create a new ticket by email, the ticket is raised, and I receive an email back to confirm. If I then reply to this email, I will, invariably, get a new ticket raised.
    e.g. email to [email][/email], get email back with subject "[GLPI #0000123] Test Ticket"
    If I reply to this email, I then get *another* ticket raised (124 this time), even though GLPI should have been able to match up the reply to the original ticket.
    Using GLPI 0.72 on IIS6 with PHP Email is Outlook 2007 via Exchange POP
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