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OSticket 1.7 FAQ's

I love the FAQ's feature in OSticket 1.7,however when i try to attach files in the FAQ with over 7MB of zip file attachment,i fail. However the content i type reflects on the FAQ section without the Attachments.Please suggest how i can attach files in there from admin view.


  • How to increase the attachment/file upload limit


    I could be mistaken but this probably isn't an issue with osTicket. I just went through a similar issue with OpenCart.

    The issue is neither one of them. The issue (for me and a lot of other people) was the max file upload limit set in php on my server. By default, it is set at 2mb.

    If you have shell access, the fix is fast and easy (less than 10 seconds). Here's the post I followed and it worked perfectly.

    If you can't SSH in, you'll need to get ahold of your host and have them do it for you.
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