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How to edit the Access Link template?

When client input their email and ticket number on /view.php, osTicket will send an email containing the direct access link of the ticket. Like below:

Hi xxx,
An access link request for ticket #17 has been submitted on your behalf for the helpdesk at
Follow the link below to check the status of the ticket #17.

If you did not make the request, please delete and disregard this email. Your account is still secure and no one has been given access to the ticket. Someone could have mistakenly entered your email address.

The question is how or where I can edit this template?

Thank you.


  • I'm not sure what your actually asking.
    But there are two places you can edit templates.
    They are:
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Access
    Admin panel -> Emails -> Templates
  • Anyway, I find the template thanks for your information.
    It's the Guest Ticket Access.
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