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OsTicket 1.6 RC 5 problem with attachments

   sorry for asking about old version of OsTicket but a plan to upgrade has not been established yet due to many customizations we wrote on top of 1.6 version :(
So, I have a problem  with mail attachments and 1.6 RC 5.
One user wrote a opening ticket mail attaching a screenshot like they use to do normally. This time the attachment was strangely discarded. Looking at mail details Lotus Notes converts the screenshot into png files which should be accepted by OsTicket (they are in the list into administration panel).
I tried also using wilcard ".*" and resending the mail but again OsTicket discards it without logging into DB any error.
Any idea/hint to share about this issue?

Thanks in advance to anyone who could try to help me.
Best regards


  • I'm sorry but support for the 1.6 tree has ended. RC means Release Candidate do you are not even using the 1.6ST release [using Release Candidates in production is like using beta software and not recommended.]

    The only advice I can give you is to:
    • check the file types that you allow.
    • check the file size

    and lastly you should really upgrade.

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