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Automatic status change by department transfer


I would like to automate a status change when transferring a ticket to another department. As far as I can find there is no general setting for this which I feel is a bit weird. 

Obviously the alternative is to first change the status in the ticket with an internal note and then perform the department transfer. My fear is that the worker forgets to change the status first and once the transfer is done then he has no more access to the ticket (due to viewing rights). However, if the status is not reset to the default then the department receiving the ticket may think someone is already working on the ticket and it will not be addressed until the SLA expires. 

Has anyone had a similar concern and a possible work-around? 


  • Currently there is no option in osTicket to automatically change a status on department transfer. You/Your agents need to do this either manually or you would need to alter the source code to achieve automatic change.
  • Ok that's for the response.

    For a work-around we have decided to adjust the notifications so that the department manager receives notifications for all transferred tickets. Althought not technically our "manager", he is then responsible for changing the status of the ticket if need be as well as deciding if he should assign the ticket within the department based on co-workers skills.
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