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Templates with Entire Thread Possible?


I have a school transitioning from Zendesk to OSTicket in the next week.  Everyone from the families to the principal will be using this system for support requests.  However, there are two outstanding issues getting in the way for us right now, I've done some looking, and googling, and I've not found quite what I'm looking for.

The first is that we have departments who will not be working within OSTicket at this time as it doesn't fit in with their workflows and tracking.  So I have OSTicket set up to receive a ticket for their Department, then via filters, change it to a corresponding "user" that has the department's email address.  They're set up with an email template that's for these types of tickets only.  It emails them the notice of a new ticket/transfer/reassignment and then automatically closes the ticket.

The challenge I'm running into is I can't figure out the variable to include the entire message thread in the email.  I've found but what I'm looking for isn't listed. When I use the following variables, (the bold indicates the variable that was put immediately below it) this is what I get:

Ticket Thread

Ticket Thread Original
This is test 16.  What happens?

Ticket Last Message


Message Original

transfer back to department

There is a reply to the user within the thread of what's been going on, but I'm not sure why the %{thread} returns empty.  Any insight is greatly appreciated!


  • There is no variable to include the entire message thread.
  • OK, thanks, I'll need to find some other way around this for our users and staff
  • fchrysler,

    Were you able to find a solution for this?   It is an absolute requirement for our department which is looking at several solutions and I am advocating OSTicket but hit this as a road block to acceptance.

  • There is no variable to include the entire message thread.

    I understand that forth coming versions will have mode versatility with this though.  No I do not know when that will be.
  • That is unfortunate.  I think this will be the death of our osticket exploration as this was an absolute requirement.   I realize how problematic this can be since every new email entry into the comments will require some Regex functionality to parse out the thread from any new message entering the system.  That is something that is definitely prone to all kinds of complexity.  I've dealt with this kind of thing quit a bit in the past, which is why I'm not volunteering to build something to handle it.
  • My understanding is that it's already being included in the next version once it is released,.
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