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Problem with API and Create Ticket

i use i followed the steps to create API Keys under Admin > Manage > API Keys

the IP address used is the IP address of my laptop broadband connection which initiates HTTP request, same as $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']

I also tried to use both of below URL:

my IE/Chrome is always "Unable to create ticket: Valid API key required"

any advice please?


  • i've also tried to add below 3 lines to the script to check. 

    echo $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
    echo $config['url'];
    echo $config['key'];

    all values are correct.
    but result is still "Unable to create ticket: Valid API key required"
  • I found the cause of error finally.

    When i create "API Keys", i use the IP address which is same as $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].
    This is the same public IP address of my laptop.
    I thought this is the correct IP.

    Only then i found the system log shows another IP address recorded with "API Error (401)".
    I create a new "API Keys" using the system log IP address and now it works.

    Can someone tell me where is this system log IP address captured from?

  • oh, the system log IP address is actually my server IP where the osTicket resides.
    Why should this IP address used to create API Keys?
  • same probelm..
  • @busne this thread is from 2015.
    Please do not be an evil necromancer.
    Killing zombie thread with a head shot.
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