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Mailer Error - Authentication Failture code 220, response; begin TTL Negotitaion


I'm having an issue with my osTicket emailing alerts out. See this screenshot for reference. We are running osTicket v1.7.0. 

We have osTicket send alerts to a Windows Server that is running mDeamon. That relay then emails out to our Exchange 2010 server or out to our customers. The log in the screenshot that I linked is absolutely flooded with the following errors:

Mail Fetcher - Type = Warning: Excessive errors processing emails for Please manually check the inbox.
Log Date: Aug, Wed 5 2015 10:26am EDT IP Address:

Mailer Error - Type = Error: Unable to email via []
authentication failure [SMTP: STARTTLS failed (code: 220, response: Begin TLS negotiation)]
Log Date: Aug, Wed 5 2015 10:25am EDT IP Address:

I'm hopeful that someone in the community here will have some insight.

Thanks for reading.



  • 1.7.0 is pretty ancient and is no longer supported.  I would recommend that you upgrade.

    I can tell you that TLS is failing though.
  • can you show an screenshot of the smtp settings page ? ( for your security, credentials field blurred of course )
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