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Quick list of all open tickets for an organization

As an IT services company, my coworkers and I routinely find ourselves in the field working with sporadic access to sit down at a PC to sign into our ticketing system to see what work remains to be done. What I hear from them, and what I would like myself, is a way to get a list of all currently open tickets for a given organization and to be able to print that list out.

In the past, we had used the "Tasks" functionality built into Outlook, which could be printed onto a single sheet of paper and would list date of submission, submitter, and the subject line of their task. We could then walk around with a single piece of paper and tackle all tasks without needing to refer back to the original online task list.

The best we can come up with in osTicket is to approach this from one of two ways: Print the (unorganized) list of all tickets for a given organization, or print out each open ticket for a given organization individually. Neither approach is anything like a real "solution".

Is there a way to get an organization-wide printed tasklist (of only OPEN tickets) from osTicket? We're running 1.9.11 currently.


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