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Filtros en os ticket

Hola como puedo hacer para asignar los tickets a una persona en especifico, dependiendo de lo que seleccionen de un filtro, ya que mi tema de ayuda es Capacitaciones y una vez que selecciono el tema me muestra lo siguiente

Área el cual es un filtro 
Fecha de solicitud
Nombre del curso

Y lo que quiero es que al seleccionar una opción del filtro Área se asigne a la persona encargada del área seleccionada

Ejemplo si selecciono Administrativa que el ticket se le asigne a Maria
Pero si selecciono Comercial que el ticket se asigne a Paloma



  • Please help us to help you by providing more info about your osTicket (version, webserver software, PHP version, etc.) and also writing your request in English would help a lot since not all of us can read/speak Spanish.

    From the translation app of my (Windows) phone here a translation of your post:

    Hello as I can do to assign tickets to a specific person , depending on what you select a filter , as my topic for help is Training and once selected the subject shows me the following

    Area which is a filter

    Date of application

    Course name

    And what I want is for you to select a filter option area the person who is assigned the selected area

    Administrative example if I select the ticket was assigned to Maria

    But if I select Trade the ticket was assigned to Paloma

  • I'm not seeing a problem?
  • Would it be alright if I follow up in spanish? The translation by the  translation app is not correct. The user doesnt have technical problem, she is asking about how she can set up osticket filters so that tickets get assigned to specific staff depending on the ticket custom options selected in a custom form.

    @josefina09 podrías darnos la siguiente información también para poder ayudarle:
    * Versión de osticket.
    * Link de su sitio web de soporte (link a osticket)


    Marvin M
    Costa Rica
  • Hello sorry not much English I hope to explain the problem.
    The version is
    image v1.9.2 (4827655)
  • If you are running 1.9.2, then you should upgrade.
  • edited August 2015
    Saludos @josefina09 , si gustas me puedes dar acceso como admin para ayudarte a configurarlo. Como te recomiendan, es mejor que actualices a la ultima version antes.

    Marvin Mendez
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