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Receiving emails from unwanted sources


As a test I have set up as the Default System Email, I then notice several new tickets created from unrelated emails from, I then created an email filter to blockemails from as I only want to receive tickets externally, but now it's creating tickets from external sources aimed at

I can't figure out why this is happening as I was expecting only creation of new tickets when emails sent to

Am I missing something?



  • I feel like you would need to proved screen shots of your filters, email setup, etc so that we can see what you mean. 
  • Hope this is enough.

  • So to me it looks like:
    • You setup a filter to block any email sent from a user using a email.
    • You also have "Accept all emails: [X] Accept emails from unknown Users" checked.
  • Thanks ntozier

    I was not sure what to do here. So I guess "Accept emails from unknown Users" needs to be disabled?
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