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Mail to multiple dept but ticket being created only in one of them

I'm using v1.9.4

I have several departments using the same osticket system, with their own mail address.
Sometimes, our customers send e-mail to one department copying another department, but only one of them receive the ticket.

Is this meant to be this way? Can I set it to create the ticket in all the departments in copy?


  • Tickets can only be assigned to one department at a time... so yes its meant to be that way, and not you cannot had the ticket assigned to more then one department.
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    @ntozier is correct
    Anyway a little suggestion: You could though create several teams and ticket filters for such mails to assign such tickets then to the team that consists out of the department members (or just the managers) of the two/three/four etc. departments the mail was addressed to.

    This surely is some work to do, but that way the other departments could also access these tickets.

    Hope you understand what I mean ;)
  • Actually I don't want to access the same ticket on more than one department, I know that's not possible. What I want is to have a new ticket created/duplicated to all of the departments that are in copy in the original message. I think that's the right way cause basically it's what the sender wanted when he copied the other departments on the message.

    Or at least could have an option on osticket, cause in my case the sender usually asks for support in multiple departments in the same email.

    One department could send a reply to the customer and forward the ticket to the second department to reply as well, but that's not practical, cause there would be a waste of time for the second department's reply (between the message arrival and first department reply).

    I'm sorry if I didn't explain well, I'm not a native english speaker as you may have noticed
  • One new email = one new ticket.
  • Thanks for the quick response @ntozier !

    You're saying 'one new email' but it's actually more than one email, in my case 2 mail accounts/departments and 2 emails, which in my opinion should generate 2 different tickets.
  • "Sometimes, our customers send e-mail to one department copying another department,"
    This is one email.
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    It's one email when submitted, but when received it becomes two (or more, for other departments).

    Does anybody know how osticket treat these cases, technically I mean? It checks for the headers or something and if some header (or other info) of the message was already 'registered' for a ticket received in one department the other departments will not receive it?
  • I feel like I have already told you this, and you just don't like my answer.
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    I feel like I can expand on what twisterbr is saying. I just recently upgraded to the latest osTicket, and it no longer allows us to have one email split by a distribution list, go into multiple inboxes, and get pulled out to make tickets for multiple departments.

    I don't know much php, but I suppose it's feasible that osTicket is carrying out some function that's checking email ID's or something, seeing that it's already made a ticket for one department, and discarding any others it finds.

    As an example of what twisterbr and I are doing, let's say we have a sales team and a support team. They each have a department set up, and there are various groups with different access levels, etc.

    osTicket 1.6.? allowed a customer to send in an email to modify their order at The address is really a distribution group, going to and osTicket would log into each mailbox, pull out the email and turn it into a ticket. It would generate a ticket for each department. This was great because each team could complete their tasks simultaneously (rather than one team completing their portion and unassigning/switching departments, or reassigning to a specific person in another department).

    Now, when you say one email means one ticket, are you saying that an email sitting in multiple inboxes isn't necessarily unique, if it's been split by a distribution group, or if it's been cc'd?

    Thank you.
  • Q: Now, when you say one email means one ticket, are you saying that an email sitting in multiple inboxes isn't necessarily unique, if it's been split by a distribution group, or if it's been cc'd?

    A: I think it's not unique and I guess the reason why the developers decided to reject such tickets/emails then is that it doesn't make sense that for example each department would reply different, so support would say it's not possible, but sales would say it's possible and support would provide more info. That would confuse the customer/end user as well as the fact that his 1 email results into 2 tickets. I'm not knowing this exactly but I imagine this was the reason why the developers decided to change the behavior with the newer versions. Therefore teams are in osTicket, so both departments can view and respond to a ticket and knowing what the other department already told the user.
  • Let's say we want to force the square peg through the round hole. I looked through the code in mailfetch, mailparse, email, etc and it seems like there would be a lot to undo. What if we truncated the table with the email ID's in it before or after each verification?
  • I'm not so deep into the code so can't give an advice or help.
  • Reviving this ticket... I'm following up what @Chefkeks suggested, but that doesnt work properly.
    So, what I want is to view the same ticket on
    different departments, depending on what is seen on TOs/CCs header
    fields. For that, I created teams and filters
    . But if I set multiple rules to satisfy for assigning the ticket to a team, osticket simply doesnt filter it as it should.

    An example of how I configured is attached.
    On this example I have 2 departments, "Suporte" and "Comercial", having and as "departments emails" respectively on osticket.
    I want to set a specific team ("Comercial e Suporte", in this case) if the sender sends an email with and but that simply doesnt work.
    The first option on filter page (
    Corresponder Todas) is the corresponding "satisfy/match all" on my language. This is what I want, to set a team only if all of the rules match. But it didnt work.. it doesnt work with the second option either (which is set now, at my screenshot).

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