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Translation Issue


I've downloaded es_ES to use the spanish version but it isn't working, I've also read some other posts and I understand german (de_DE) is working, but somehow Translations aren't working, I don't know if it is the hosting, the php.ini or some other configuration. that I'm Missing...

Steps I've followed: 
1.- have Installed v1.9.12
2.- Download phar file (es_ES) 
3.- upload to my server (Using filezilla) and Placed phar file into [/public_html/sop-ost/include/i18n/es_ES]  folder
4.- Verified that the spain (and/or german) flag is active, clicked but not working on user or admin pages.
4a.- Verified in the profile (scp/profile.php) page the language I'm trying to use is selected / active
4b.- I've even renamed the (us directory) 

Any Ideas or suggestions?

Note: I'm ultimately trying to use es_MX file but it hasn't been approved yet, (and yes, I've contributed to translation and suggestions in the crowdin translation site) but as test, I can live with the spain version now. 


  • The installation instructions say to just drop the phar file in the /include/i18n/ folder.  Not to create a folder and put it in that.  I would try moving it out of the folder you created and then deleting it.
  • Ooooooh!

    Wonderful, worked like a charm...

    I assumed that since there was an en_US directory... a directory must exist with the files in it!
    Thanks, you may close this one...

  • Very welcome. :)
This discussion has been closed.