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osTicket and Chrome compatibility

Hey all,

Question about Google Chrome compatibility in regards to agent login. 

We want to set it up that our agents do not have to login every day but instead remain logged-in after the first use. This helps for example with direct access from the email links if they had not yet logged-in that day. 

I have set the "Agent Timeout Session" to "0" which should disable timeout (picture inserted). We have noticed that browsers respond differently. I can open Internet Explorer a day later and I am still logged-in. With Google Chrome, however, if I open osTicket in a new tab even when I am logged-in on a different tab, I have to login again. Has anyone else experienced this and maybe have a suggestion? We have also tried the "Bind Agent Session to IP" setting and it does not work. Is osTicket just not very compatible with Google Chrome?


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