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All emails in ticket answer

When answering a ticket, you can select to have the latest email og the first email send with the answer.
We would like to have all the messages in the answer automaticly, as some of our clients can have more than one case at a time, and need to know witch ticket that have been answered, and for some of them its, important to have alle the messages in the case.

Is there an easy fix to this?



  • That is not a feature of osTicket at this time.
  • Well I know that, if it was I wasn't asking.

    Is it a feature that is planed?
    or do I need to make it my self?

  • Q: Is it a feature that is planed?
    A: Not that I know of.

    Q: do I need to make it my self?
    A: If it is functionality that you need... then you should consider it.
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